Vietnam reopens six commercial international air routes

The Vietnamese government on Tuesday (15th September, 2020) decided to reopen commercial air routes to six international destinations, and will allow passengers to undergo a shorter quarantine period than normally required if they test negative for COVID-19 twice.

Accordingly, flights along the Vietnam-mainland China (Guangzhou), Vietnam-Japan (Tokyo), Vietnam-South Korea (Seoul), and Vietnam-Taiwan (Taipei) routes are resumed from 15th September, 2020, followed by the Vietnam-Cambodia (Phnom Penh) and Vietnam-Laos (Vientiane) from 22nd September.

The number of flights along each route shall not exceed two per week each way. And the number of flights will be adjusted depending on actual demand.

Passengers must have a certificate showing they tested negative for the novel coronavirus within three days of boarding the flight. That test must be conducted using the real-time reverse transcription–polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) method.

Upon landing in Vietnam, the arrivals would be tested again with the RT-PRC method at centralized quarantine camps. The quarantine period for those who test negative twice would be reduced from 14 to 5 days, following which they must remain at their accommodation or place of work until the 14 days are up under supervision of local authorities. Those showing signs of infection will have to continue staying at the centralized quarantine facilities.

Those entering Vietnam after transiting from a third destination must stay in centralized quarantine camps for 14 days and undergo tests as required.

All arrivals will have to pay for their quarantine and tests.

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