Explore The Beauty of Hanoi’s French Quarter

July 1, 2024

Hanoi’s French Quarter was developed during the French colonial period in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. After occupying Indochina, the French started building this area as an administrative and residential center for officials and the military. The French Quarter was carefully planned with wide boulevards and European-style buildings, creating a striking contrast with Hanoi’s traditional old streets. Over 140 years, the French Quarter has witnessed significant historical changes…


Explore Bich Dong Pagoda – A Must See in Ninh Binh

March 26, 2024

Nestled amid the breathtaking landscapes of Ninh Binh province, Bich Dong Pagoda stands as a captivating destination within the Trang An Landscape Complex. This blog offers essential things about Bich Dong Pagoda, ensuring you’re well-prepared for an unforgettable journey. Location of Bich Dong Pagoda Bich Dong Pagoda is found in the Hoa Lu district of Ninh Binh province, just 7 kilometres from the town centre. It’s tucked away in a…


A day in Ninh Binh

March 25, 2024

If you’re looking to escape or reconnect with nature after days in the bustling city, Ninh Binh is one of the best options, even just for a day trip. Ninh Binh is renowned for its beautiful landscapes, with the Trang An World Heritage Site being its highlight. The Trang An World Heritage Site boasts stunning natural beauty, grandeur, and antiquity, yet remains poetic. It includes various unique destinations such as…


Kien Trung Palace to open to visitors after 72 years of being ruined

February 18, 2024

Kien Trung Palace, once the grandest palace in Hue, has undergone a remarkable transformation after more than 72 years of lying in ruins. The restoration holds significant importance, adding a point of interest for visitors to the Imperial City in Hue. History of Kien Trung Palace – Hue Situated within the esteemed Forbidden City of the Hue Citadel, Kien Trung Palace stands as a testament to the architectural brilliance of…


ITB Berlin 2024: Elevate Your Travel Business with 365 Travel

January 24, 2024

Get ready for an exciting journey with 365 Travel at ITB Berlin 2024, the ultimate global travel show. Unlike any other event, ITB Berlin is not just a regular trade show – it is where new beginnings come up. As a leading DMC company, we are excited to be there and share our values. 365 Travel will attend ITB Berlin 2024 – The World’s Leading Travel Trade Show   From…


Exploring Vietnamese Lacquer in Ha Thai Handicraft Village

December 13, 2023

Located 20km from Hanoi’s center in Vietnam, Ha Thai Lacquer Handicraft Village is renowned for its exquisite lacquer craftsmanship. The village has a rich history dating back to the 17th century, originating from the famous “Son son thep vang Cu Trang” craft village. Initially celebrated for crafting royal utensils, it earned the moniker “offering to the king” due to its exceptional work. The gate of Ha Thai village. The lacquer…


New Experience with the Quintessence of Education Night Tour at the Temple of Literature

November 9, 2023

The new night tour at the Temple of Literature offers visitors a unique experience, presenting the relic site in a different light and evoking distinct emotions compared to daytime visits. Third Courtyard of the temple with the Thien Quang well and the red Khue Van pavilion Starting this November, visitors to the Temple of Literature in Hanoi can experience a new night tour called “Quintessence of Education.” This program features…


The Must-Try List For Food Lovers In Phu Quoc Island

July 24, 2023

Don’t be just amazed by the breath-taking scenery in Phu Quoc, the cuisine in here is a promising treasure too! In Vietnamese, we have a proverb:  “Có thực mới vực được đạo” or “A hungry belly has no ears.” You won’t feel all the beauty of this island without trying these iconic dishes listed below.   Bún Quậy (Stirring Rice Noodles) – A light dish, good for breakfast, or light…


Things to see and to try in Vietnam (Part 2)

April 28, 2023

Number 6 – Ao Dai (Vietnamese Traditional Costume) Vietnam’s national traditional costume – Áo Dài – consists of a long, split tunic and silk trousers. Though there are many versions of Ao Dai, such as long or short length; different shapes of collars; or various types of fabric used, Ao Dai still is the same with tight fitting and silky touch. These two specific characteristics of Ao Dai make it…


7 Attractions in Vietnam Own Surreal Beauty

April 21, 2023

For anyone who loves to explore the nature; unspoiled places, Vietnam is THE place you are looking for. This S-shape country is blessed by Mother Nature with so many exquisite sights that it seems like a fairy land for any tourist visiting it. And here are 7 surreal beauties that hold a special allure for travelers to Vietnam. Quang Binh – Land of Caves Anyone who have had a chance…