Trekking in Phu Quoc National Park – A MUST DO!!!

Trekking in Phu Quoc National Park – A MUST DO!!! Taking a trek is not only for improving your health but also for enriching your spirit by the nature beauty. And doing this through Phu Quoc National Park will surely bring you an incredible experience that you wish to do it again and again.

Let’s start trekking Phu Quoc National Park on a fine white sandy road. The further you go, the more trees you see and the harder the route becomes. On dry seasons, the road seems muddy while in rainy seasons it is covered with knee-deep water. This piece of road is considered the most difficult part for trekking but it’s also agreed to be the most interesting part by most of trekkers. Along the way, we can see lots of typical mushrooms and orchids that may not be seen elsewhere.


The trek leads you to Rach Tram River. There, start rowing with a SUP boat on stunning blue water of the river immersing yourself in the beauty of nature around you. This will surely bring you an exceptional feeling. The rowing route is about 4km, each trekker is on his/her own SUP boat and row at his/her own speed. And so, at some time you can be alone with the river itself. Watching slow stream of the river, listening to the bird singing while floating on the marvelous water will be your unforgettable memory about Phu Quoc. Along the river, there are towering rocky mountains, deep green forests, wild trees reflecting on the river in different shapes. All make you closer to the nature as if you can touch it, feel it and communicate with it.

At the end of this unique journey, from the river mouth to the sea, we are welcomed by a canoe screw and brought to Rach Vem, a very much beautiful beach hidden at the base of Ham Rong Mountain. There you will find so rare blue water and have chances to see the sea creatures, especially starfishes. Actually Rach Vem Beach is also known as “Starfish Beach” where you can see the starfishes in many shapes and colors through crystal clear water. Take your time to enjoy swimming deep inside this water and be served with fresh seafood before ending the tour.




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