Top Vietnam beaches that you don’t want to miss

Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country which is famous for its river, Buddhist pagodas, dynamic cities and wonderful beaches. Vietnam’s long coastline in the tropical zone is definitely an ideal destination for tourists who are looking for a beach holiday. Come to Vietnam and enjoy white sand stretch with the crystal blue water, take part in multiple activities on the sea, savor fresh and tasty seafood and relax at luxury resorts. Below are top beaches that 365 Travel highly recommend you when traveling in Vietnam:

  1. City Beach Nha Trang

Nha Trang is the most popular beach with both local and foreigner tourists. Be a coastal resort city in Southern Vietnam, Nha Trang is known for scuba diving and snorkeling. Its main beach seems to stretch on for kilometers with no end in sight, along Tran Phu Street backed by a promenade, hotels, and restaurants. Its blue crystal water and amazing white sand is the reason why young couples usually come here to take wedding album.

Main activities you can enjoy here including island-hopping, swimming, and sailing. Its vast countryside is home to tranquil fishing villages, dense rainforests, and natural hot springs.

Vietnam beaches
The beautiful view of Nha Trang beach
  1. Phu Quoc Island

Each year, there are approximately 500 to 600 thousand tourists coming to this island, of which 40% are foreign tourists. Maybe you are wondering why it is so popular. Phu Quoc is one of 2 beaches in Vietnam to be featured on with an article about the best beaches in the world. It is a small island off the southern tip of Vietnam, close to the shoreline of Cambodia and called a paradise with its perfect white sand and palm tree-lined waters. One of the most interesting activities here is that you can rent a motorcycle and ride to the other side of the island: Bai Sao beach.

Vietnam beaches
Diving in Phu Quoc beach
  1. Da Nang Beach

Da Nang is the 3rd largest city in Vietnam just after Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi. Located in central Vietnam, Da Nang is famous for its sandy beaches and history as a French colonial port. Two most well-known beaches in Da Nang are Non Nuoc beach and My Khe beach (or it is called China beach) which served as the military base during the war. Da Nang is chosen as the best beach in Vietnam for sunbathing, surfing and scuba diving due to its white soft sand, crystal blue water, beautiful coconut palm trees, especially a pristine coral reef

Vietnam beaches
Da Nang beach with yellow sand and blue sky
  1. Hoi An Beach

Just take you around 40 minutes from Da Nang by taxi, Hoi An is a very well preserved ‘old town’ and sure that its charming beach will impress all types of travelers, even the grumpy ones. An Bang Beach in Hoi An is the other beach which was named in’s best beaches in the world. It has enough restaurants and bars where you can sit on the beach and drink a cold beer and savor a grilled half dried squid.

Vietnam beaches
An Bang beach
  1. Quy Nhon Beach, Binh Dinh Province

Quy Nhon is a large, prosperous coastal city in Binh Dinh Province which is located in central Vietnam. It is known as a city which supplies the best seafood in the country and of course beautiful beaches. Each of them is gorgeous in a different way. However, Quy Nhon beach is chosen as the most beautiful one that you cannot miss. Unlike the hustle and bustle of the famous beaches in Vietnam such as Nha Trang or Da Nang, Quy Nhon brings the tourist a peaceful feeling. The beach owns a green arch-shaped form with the long white sand and sometimes you will hear the sound of birds chattering mixed to the sound of waves. Come and experience on your own and you will see how Quy Nhon beach attracts the tourist.

Vietnam beaches
Quy Nhon beach – new destination for travelers
  1. Cat Co 1,2,3 – Cat Ba Island

Just about 10-minute-walk from Cat Ba Town, these three beautiful sandy beaches actually attract a lot of both local and foreign tourists. Cat Co 1 is always crowded because it is the biggest of the three. Lying under the mountain, here you can enjoy some watersport gear such as kayaking. Cat Co 2 is smaller and owns a little serenity and mystery. While Cat Co 3 has quite modern colors

Vietnam beaches
Cat Ba beach

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