Top reasons to travel Myanmar right now

Those love exotic places, adventures and a little bit of nostalgia, then you should go for Myanmar right now. Or it will be too late.

The promising land for backpackers

What makes tourists enjoy most when traveling Myanmar is to admire the beauty of ancient temples, roads and feel the peace. Although in recent years, the country is open to international foreigners, it hasn’t been focused on tourism development yet. Thus one may find himself lost in a mysterious place that hasn’t been explored by many. Besides, Myanmar earns a high reputation from the world-famous magazines as one of the most-wanted destinations by backpackers.

Ubein bridge Mandalay

Sunrise and sunset unlike anywhere

In Myanmar, the most famous place to watch the sunset is at the U Bein, a 1.2kilometre teakwood bridge said to be the oldest and longest of its type in the world. The bridge, located near Amarapura has the most breathtaking sunset, making it a premier photogenic location within the country. Bagan will be the ideal place to welcome the very first ray of the sun in the day.

Discover more than 2,000 Buddhist temples and pagodas

Home to a massive collection of Buddhist temples, pagoda and monasteries that were built by the many kings of Kingdom Bagan over the centuries, it is clearly convinced without doubts that Bagan is one of the greatest archaeological sites on the planet. With more than 2200 temples and pagodas still survive today (of about 13,000 buildings constructed during the peak periods), you are free to explore. Most of temples are located close to each other within walking distance or bikes, bus and tuk tuk or hot balloons.

Local charm

children with thanaka - travel Myanmar

No visitors to Myanmar can forget the special form of beauty treatment of Burmese people using natural ingredients called Thanaka. It is a yellowish-white cosmetic paste made from ground bark with natural sweet smell, people used it to cool and protect their skin against the sun.

Inle Lake

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Myanmar, the 72 sq. m lake still remains its own charm in spite of rapid tourist rise with stilt houses, island-bound temples and floating gardens. The Intha, the inhabitant around the lake, are famous for their unique leg rowing technique which involves standing at the stern on one leg, the other leg is wrapped around the oar to drive the boat on the water.


Beautiful beaches

More than 2,000km coastline, much of it long stretches of white sand and still unspoiled. The best ones are along the shore of the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea. These beaches face west, making the premier spots for great sunsets.

Delicious cuisines

Though Burmese cuisine is heavily influenced by Indian, Thai and Chinese culinary cultures, its delicacy does has its own features. Not only delicious, Myanmar dishes are sophisticated in processing and especially very cheap. If you head to Yangon or Bagan, take the opportunity to enjoy some outstanding street food such as tea and flatbread, Nan gyi thohk, samosa salads, and Shan-style noodles.


Located not far from Bagan and only takes 30 minute flight, you will reach Mandalay. You may find it a hot and busy city, but when you leave the bustling downtown area behind, many striking architectures such as pagodas, churches, temples and mosques come into view. There is plenty of fascinations to be found in the last royal capital of the country.


Go on a pilgrimage to Buddhist land

Climb to the top of Mt. Kyaiktiyo and enjoy the panoramic view of the whole area. This is the third most important Buddhist pilgrimage site in Myanmar. The site is home to a small pagoda built on the top of a granite boulder which seems to defy gravity as it look as if it’s going to roll down the hill. This is because the rock is said to perch on a strand of the Buddha’s hair. People throughout the country come here to pay their respect. A small note, you should wear clothes covering the shoulders and knees, and bring light jacket because the air is quite cold due to its location on an elevation of 1,100 meters.


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