Things to see and to try in Vietnam (Part 2)

Number 6 – Ao Dai (Vietnamese Traditional Costume)

Vietnam’s national traditional costume – Áo Dài – consists of a long, split tunic and silk trousers. Though there are many versions of Ao Dai, such as long or short length; different shapes of collars; or various types of fabric used, Ao Dai still is the same with tight fitting and silky touch. These two specific characteristics of Ao Dai make it beloved by all Vietnamese women, from young to old. They choose to wear it in their important moments of life, like on wedding day; on the occasions of receiving VIP guests; during Tet Holiday etc.

Number 7 – Hoi An

Hoi An means “peaceful meeting place”, and has earned a UNESCO World Heritage site recognition since 1999 for its well-preserved ancient town. Located in the Central of Vietnam, this small town is well-known for its tranquility; beauty and cozy.

Hoi An can be considered as a living museum of Vietnamese old-town architecture inherited from its past as a major Southeast Asian Port between the 16th and 17th centuries. This unique town has been successfully restored and preserved to be one of the most attractive sightseeing of Vietnam. There are plenty to visit in here such as pagodas, wooden shop-houses, Japanese bridges, Chinese temples etc. This charming town is also famous for its handmade clothing shops so don’t forget to get your own Ao Dai here.

Number 8 – Golden Hand Bridge

One of the most recognizable landmarks in Vietnam is Golden Hand Bridge, a 150-meter long pedestrian bridge in Ba Na Hills Resort in Da Nang. The bridge is designed to connect the cable car station to the main gardens of the Resort. It is also to provide a scenic overlook of Da Nang City. The gold-colored walkway of the bridge lined with purple lobelia chrysanthemums and passing onto two giant hands (constructed of fiberglass and wire mesh) makes it one of the most visited tourist attractions in Vietnam.

Number 9 – Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is in the North of Vietnam stretching across the Gulf of Tonkin, which includes thousands of islands and islets; forming a spectacular seascape of limestone pillars. Because of their precipitous nature, most of the islands are uninhabited and unaffected by a human presence. The site’s outstanding scenic beauty is complemented by its great biological interest. Spending a night on the bay or taking a junk boat cruise along the bay is really worthy for travelers to Vietnam.

Number 10 – Hanoi

Hanoi, or “River-bound City” as its name literally means, is Vietnam’s capital with a thousand-year-old history dating back to 1010. The city’s fascinating beauty which is characterized by unique cultural relics, ancient streets of antique houses, elegant French colonial buildings, tree-lined boulevards and romantic lakes has made it one of the most charming cities of Asia.

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