Phung Hung Fresco Street – The New Destination for visitors

With more than 3 months deployment since November 3rd, 2017, now all the murals on the railway bridge on Phung Hung street have been completed. Located in Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi; the fresco street of Phung Hung received positive opinions from local and international visitors. The street was opened to the public since February 2 as an event to welcome the Lunar New Year 2018. Recently, it becomes a magnet for young generation and other tourists come to take photos

Vietnamese children wear “ao dai” in one outdoor activity to welcome Lunar New Year

Hoan Kiem People’s Committee, the United Nations Human Settlements Program (UN-Habitat) and the Korea Foundation are 3 major units implementing the project “Paintings on Phung Hung Street” with the main theme “The lost memories of Hanoi”. The artworks are created by Vietnamese and South Korean artists. A lot of beautiful and colorful murals have been filled the walls along Phung Hung Street, which is more than 1 kilometer long. The project aims to tighten the friendship between Vietnam and South Korea and celebrate the 40th anniversary of Vietnam as a member of the United Nations. The project wants to send the message “Although Hanoi, one-thousand-year capital faces with civilization and modernization but it still preserves the traditional and prestige culture from the past

There are total 18 paintings, among which Korean artists are in charge 8 murals while Vietnamese artists work on another 10 murals. And one big mural will be painted by both countries co-ordinate. These 19 paintings like a story which capture the unique moments of Hanoi in the past. From the frescos of an electric train that recall a special memory of the old Hanoian to the mural name “Feudal Scholar gives calligraphy” that only seen on the old streets during Tet holiday. Other famous works such as stationery shops, trams, vendors, old streets, Long Bien Bridge, the image of Bao An Pagoda, etc. also left an impression in the heart of visitors

A woman posing in front of the fresco “Feudal Scholar giving calligraphy”

A fresco of an old electric train in Hanoi

The mural of Long Bien Bridge

Among the frescoes of Korean artists, the most impressive one belong to a female artist – Ms. Oh Ye Seul. This black and white painting depicts typical Vietnamese women in “ao dai” – the country’s traditional outfit and “Non La” – one of the symbols of the country

The famous painting of Ms. Oh Ye Seul

There is an exciting mural of Vietnamese artist – Mr. Tran Hau Yen The. He made a “historic wall” of an old Vietnamese house with the displays of a real door and steps

A painting of an ancient-style house in Hanoi 

At present, Phung Hung Street is made to be a walking street connected to the pedestrian in the old quarter area. On the weekend, there are various cultural activities and folk games to meet the demand of locals and expats. Therefore, it will be a great destination for friend and family gathering together

Folk games on Phung Hung fresco street 

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