Photo contest 2017 – Best teams of 365 Travel

Tommy & Cindy, 365 Travel’s founders once said, “The company was established with a burning passion to make every trip the customer’s greatest experience ever.” Over the years of development and growth, we deeply understand that our strength comes not only from the best-guaranteed services but also from our people. Our management board has been in the tourism industry for over 15 years. Every staff of 365 Family is not only skilled, well-trained but also passionately dedicated to deliver on promise. We may come from different region, may have different background and ages, but we all share one dream. That appetite began our journey, and still continues to drive us today. It helps us to challenges ourselves, to be more fulfilled with our achievements and deliver even more incredible traveling experiences for our customers. And we will never stop!

Our founders

On the occasion of the 11th anniversary, we ran a small photo contest to choose the best team of the year. Each of the 7 teams is required to send their most beautiful photos that satisfy these criteria: union, creativity and inspiration. The winner will receive a special prize from the management board. And here are the best:

The No. 1 team: The Golden Dragon

The first runner-up: Marketing

The second runner-up: Administration & Accounting

Buffalo Team


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