New Experience with the Quintessence of Education Night Tour at the Temple of Literature

The new night tour at the Temple of Literature offers visitors a unique experience, presenting the relic site in a different light and evoking distinct emotions compared to daytime visits.

Third Courtyard of the temple with the Thien Quang well and the red Khue Van pavilion

Starting this November, visitors to the Temple of Literature in Hanoi can experience a new night tour called “Quintessence of Education.” This program features dazzling and mystical hues created through lights and 3D Mapping technology.

The tour happens on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, centered around the theme “Quintessence of Education.” It delves into significant stories within the historical site, representing the importance of education for past generations of Vietnamese people.

The journey guides visitors through 15 stops across five distinct areas. Beginning at the Nhap Dao Area, visitors encounter a serene prelude of colors and sounds. The Thanh Dat Area surprises visitors with a unique light display from the Sao Khue window on the Khue Van Pavilion, creating shapes of two carp near a dew vase on the Dai Trung gate’s roof. The tour continues to The Garden of Doctor’s Steles at Thien Quang Lake and then the Dai Thanh Area, exhibiting Quoc Tu Giam, Vietnam’s first national university.

The Garden of Doctoral Steles, where 82 steles honor 1,304 scholars from the Vietnamese examination system (from 1442 to 1779), shines under transitioning colored lights, casting a mesmerizing yet gentle spectrum. Photo: Dan Tri

The Exhibition Area about the Temple of Literature.

The final stop at the Thai Hoc Courtyard hosts a captivating 3D mapping projection show centered around the theme of “Quintessence of Education.

The ” Quintessence of Education” 3D Mapping performance.

A traditional music performance followed by a 3D Mapping showcase, lasts 10-15 minutes, narrating tales of the Temple of Literature, scholarly education, and legendary stories symbolizing transformation. This journey reveals the core values of Vietnamese education against the backdrop of a nocturnal ambiance, accompanied by lotus tea, peanut candy, and oil lamps – tools reminiscent of ancient scholars – culminating in a blend of light, sound, and emotions.

The tour also features experiences of studying with the old masters, being a Confucian student, and especially virtual experience for calligraphy writing and drawing, which attracts particular attention, especially from younger visitors.

 Calligraphy writing experience in a 3D space.

It is advisable to arrive 1-2 hours earlier for the virtual experience of the calligraphy writing and exhibition area. After the tour ends with the 3D Mapping show, it might be challenging to revisit other additional activities.

About Temple of Literature: The Temple of Literature, situated south of the ancient Thang Long citadel, holds significant recognition. Designated as a Special National Site by the Prime Minister in 2012, its Khue Van pavilion was chosen as Hanoi’s symbol under the Capital Law. Moreover, the 82 Doctors’ steles received UNESCO acknowledgment as a Documentary Heritage on the Memory of the World Register 2011. These recognitions highlight the site’s value as a local asset and a cultural heritage of global significance.

In recent years, the Temple of Literature, symbolizing wisdom and a passion for learning, has garnered increased attention and investment from various authorities. This support aims to transform it into an appealing destination for tourists, both local and international.

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