Jodd Fairs – Bangkok, Thailand

  Among the night markets of Thailand, Jodd Fairs Night Market is arguably one of the most popular in Bangkok, located in the Rama 9 neighborhood; near Esplanade Shopping Center. Home to over 700 different stalls, the market has plenty to offer from food/drinks to clothes/souvenirs. It’s an ideal place to go by late afternoon, heading for some dinner and drinks while sauntering around.

  Not like other night markets that you have ever seen, Jodd Fairs is modern-looking, well-organized with separate sections (for shopping, drinking, eating, chatting etc.) and clean. This new version of Jodd Fairs has made it even much more attractive.

  Walking in Jodd Fairs, you will find a large variety of shopping/dining possibilities. They sell from jeans; t-shirts; caps; sunglasses; shoes; to flip-flops; and handicrafts. Entering the market, you can also be overwhelmed by abundance of Thai food served in here; from traditional to modern; from simply-prepared to properly-prepared. It will make you feel like the whole cuisine of this country gathered in here. The dishes which are bold Thai such as Tom Yum, Thai Pad, Papaya Salad (or Som Tum), Leng Sapp (Spicy Pork Tower Soup cooked with pork bones), Salmon Salad in Thai way, Sticky Rice with Mango, Midnight Pangyen (shaved ice with your own favorite topping) etc. will surely satisfy any of the visitors. If you are spicy lovers, Jodd Fairs is the paradise for you. But if these kinds of hot dishes are not for you, you can ask the sellers to reduce the spiciness from your dishes.

  Opened till 1a.m. of the next day, the market allows you to hang out till late at night. And so, don’t forget to try beers or cocktails here while enjoying live music, chatting with your partners or locals. It’s totally fun and relaxing after a day.

  Beside shopping or eating; drinking, Jodd Fairs also attracts visitors with its excellent check-in corners. First of these is the old-fashioned car show park with skyline building background, with which you can easily snap a so cool picture. You can also have a distinctive check-in with colorful clothes stalls or with a lively car-shaped bars. It’s worth to visit, right?

  Don’t miss this nightlife market from your trip to Bangkok. This is not party-like place, but it could be really good for a small group of friends or families.

365Travel is aiming to boost for Thailand destination this year onward, and of course, Jodd Fairs will be on the itinerary for you!

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