Incentive trip 2018 of ‘365 Travel’ family

Operating in the tourism industry for over 10 years, 365 Travel is now strong and well established in Southeast Asia. Our company specializes in providing quality tours to Vietnam and Southeast Asia for customers worldwide, which serve more than 12,000 passengers each year. As a reward for the hard work in 2017 and 2 first quarters of 2018, the board of directors decided to operate an incentive trip for all the staff of “365 Travel” company. The trip lasted 4 days and 3 nights (from 26 to 29th, May 2018) at Cua Lo beach, Nghe An Province, which takes about 6 hours by car from Hanoi Capital

365 Travel
All 365 Travel members

The trip consists of 2 main events: Team Building and Gala Dinner. Team building started from 4pm on the second day of the trip in Cua Lo beach. With logo “Together, we are strong” and “Work hard, play harder”, all the members had fun and unforgettable moments despite the hot weather at Cua Lo beach

Our big family was divided into 4 teams: red team, blue team, yellow team and green team. Follow the instructions of MC and team leaders, all team try their best to get the first place

365 Travel
Red Team
365 Travel
Blue Team
365 Travel
Green Team
365 Travel
Yellow Team

The second part of the trip – Gala Dinner was held on the night of 28th May with the presence of all the employees and their family. Our gala dinner dress code is elegant and polite with 3 main colors: red, white and black. Before the dinner began, Mr. Tommy – the founder of 365 Travel had a public speech to send thank you to all the staff for their effort and dedication to the company.

After that is numerous fun games, fashion show, and music show. Last but not less, the organizers announce the winner of team building. And the reward for the winner is 2 million thousand dong which is given to the red team. The first runner-up is the green team and the second runner-up is the blue team. The party started from 7 PM till 11 PM

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