365 Travel organized the first tourist group to Hoi An in 2018

In the morning of January 1st 2018, 365 Travel organized the first tourist group to Hoi An in 2018. At the Japanese Covered Bridge, the group was warm welcomed by the People’s Committee. This is the annual activity to celebrate New Year with the new success of Hoi An ancient town as well as Quang Nam province in general.

The very first 19 visitors of Hoi An are come from Spain. They are greeted with bouquets of flowers and traditional art performances such as calligraphy, Origami.… Jose, a member in the group, wearing the Vietnamese conical hat, can’t hide his delight and pleasure at the ceremony. “We are very surprised and happy to be the first travelers to visit Hoi An in 2018. We really hope the town will receive more & more visitors this year.” he shared.

The Spanish group’s arrival at the beginning of 2018 has opened up expectations of a new market in the coming years. Statistics indicates that the total number of Spanish travelers to Hoi An in 2017 increased nearly 10 times compared with 2016 (from about 3,200 visitors to 31,700).

The welcoming ceremony of the first group to the town showcases the attention and respect of the local tourism industry, thereby contributing to promote the friendly image and hospitality of Hoi An to travelers worldwide.

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