Vietnam’s Cao Bang geopark among world’s most beautiful sights

The UNESCO-recognized geopark in the northern province of Cao Bang has been named among 50 most breathtaking sights in the world.

The U.S. magazine Insider, which made the selection, describes Non Nuoc Cao Bang, recognized as a global geopark by UNESCO last year, as offering “magnificent views of its waterfalls, lakes, and diverse plant species.”

Ban Gioc waterfall.

Non Nuoc Cao Bang, founded in 2015, covers 3,000 square kilometers on the border with China. Its collection of fossil, sediment, volcanic rocks and karst landscape is believed to illustrate 500 million years of the earth’s history.

About seven-hour drive northeast of Hanoi, tourism has long been a staple of the park, which has more than 200 cultural and historical monuments.

It connects with popular tourist destinations in Cao Bang including the Ban Gioc Waterfall, the largest in Vietnam and the world’s fourth largest waterfall along a national border, after Iguazu Falls, Victoria Falls and Niagara Falls.

Last April, Microsoft network MSN included Ban Gioc in its list of 15 most charming cascades in the world.

Other appealing stops at the geopark include Nguom Ngao Cave, Thang Hen Lake, and the Pac Bo historical site.

Insights: Best time to visit

The best time to visit Non Nuoc Cao Bang is during the dry season from September to March.

A video captures the beauty of Ban Gioc Waterfall. Video credit: VnExpress

 Source: VnExpress

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