Top Instagrammable spots in Hoi An that you shouldn’t miss out

Hoi An is one of Vietnam’s most popular tourist attractions. It lures the tourists in Vietnam, with the charming ancient temples, shrines, Chinese style tile-roofed wooden houses and a unique blend of Japanese and Chinese architecture. Wandering around Hoi An is “must-try” experience that you can capture many stunning pictures in breath-taking places. Here are 10 places for Instagram-lovers can take beautiful and unique photos.

Old brick furnace – Stairway to heaven

Address: Cam Kim Commune – Duy Vinh, Hoi An City, Quang Nam, not far from Hoi An center.

The first place that you shouldn’t miss out in Hoi An is an “unspoiled” old brick furnace. Old and one-of-the-kind, it is such a wonderful place for Instagram-lovers to take vintage photos.

This is an abandoned brick kiln and unfinished construction, lying alone among immense rice fields. Because of being absolutely new site, this brick furnace can bring the “clean” space for us. In other words, we can avoid the situation of having the crowded background to take photos. Unfinished and rustic look also brings a strange, delightful space, which makes your photos outstanding.

The wall on Hoang Van Thu street

Not only is the old wall, but it seems that the whole street of Hoang Van Thu is also favored to become one of the virtual places in Hoi An, especially for the young people.

The secret charm comes from the moss walls, layering before and thereby easily creating depth for the photo. The old wall edges bring nostalgia, “thorny” but also emotional for every photo taken.

Along the River

From a vibrant trading port to the stunning tourist destination, Hoai River is associated with life, culture and tourism development of Hoi An. So, you should not ignore this place in Hoi An, because this place not only has you a thousand corners pose, but also bring the unique signal of Hoi An. Shaping, shooting, and … “Oh, are you in Hoi An?” – everyone will immediately recognize where you are!

From the beginning of the Japanese Covered Bridge, walk along both sides of the Hoai River, and start “acting” right away! The row of tiled roof houses lined up close to each other on the banks, the boat yards anchored which is nostalgic and romantic. You can choose to go around in the morning or in the evening. The sunshine will make the landscape here nostalgic and charming, which is suitable for those who love street photography.

On the contrary, if you take a picture of the Hoai River in the evening, you will get instant, vibrant shots with bustling atmosphere. Tourists take a boat on the river. The bright light from the lights floating on the water, combined with the lanterns reflecting down the Hoai River, will give you the photos of Hoi An “beyond excellent”.

Vinpearl Land Nam Hoi An

Open from 8:30 to 21:00, you will delight in hundreds of photos during the 12 hours with tons of entertainments at Vinpearl Land Nam Hoi An. One of the places that you shouldn’t forget in this amusement park is the port of Giao Thoa, with a side of the European sky opposite a side of Hoi street. The water and meticulous landscapes will help you have a series of stunning images.

Moreover, when coming to Vinpearl Land Nam Hoi An, you can take part in diversified entertainment activities.

You can choose between thrilling games such as roller coaster, whirlwind spacecraft, century fall, etc. The water park area is also extremely diverse with a variety of systems such as Cyclone, super-speed slide, super-slide, etc. You can also spend time in Vinpearl River Safari, the first and only waterway animal park in Vietnam. You will see a lot of lovely and interesting animals here.

Some old houses and traditional villages in Vinpearl Land such as Nam Bo house, Cham house, trade village, etc.

Hoi An street filled with lanterns

Lanterns are almost associated with and become a symbol of Hoi An, so it is not surprising when the street lanterns become a virtual living place in Hoi An is popular.

Anywhere walking in Hoi An you will also see a few lanterns hanging from the wind. People even buy lanterns as souvenirs when  visit this old town.

When the evening falls, the lanterns light up, brings a brilliant beauty, characteristic as well as many impressive photos. You want to take beautiful photos in Hoi An? So there’s no better match than a few photos with beautiful lanterns here!

Golden walls associated with bougainvillea

The beauty of Hoi An can be fulfilled with golden walls and bougainvillea flowers. Not only bring the shade, both the decoration and characteristic of Hoi street, the flower trusses also contribute to the splendor and grace for this old town. When they are combined with the bold golden color of the walls, it looks even more brilliant. So, don’t miss the opportunity to take beautiful photos in Hoi An under the bougainvillea and golden walls in the sun!

An Bang Beach

An Bang Beach is one of the few stretches of beach in Hoi An that remains relatively unspoiled, making it a popular option for soaking up the sun and enjoying an array of seaside activities. It also houses an array of beachfront resorts, seafood restaurants, and hippy bars with stunning views of the neighbouring Marble Mountains, Da Nang Bay, and Cham Island. Therefore, An Bang beach is 100% the best tourist destinations near Hoi An to check-in.

Hoi An’s Rooftop Café

This must be one of our favorite things to do in Hoi An, popping up to the 2nd or 3rd floor of restaurants and considering the coffee or cocktail an admission charge to set from above and watch the busy streets below or look out over the tilled roof-tops of the old city! This is one of the best things to do in this ancient town.

Hoi An is surely one of the most outstanding tourist places in Vietnam with breath-taking views and impeccable landscapes. Let’s pay a visit to this beautiful town to capture every memorable moment.

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